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AI Powered,
Human Driven
Instant Consumer Chat Platform

Automated AI chats with 10 consumers in 24 hours.

Sprinkle in a little Qual with all that Quant.

Access Quality Consumers On Demand

Meet Consumers Where They Are

Add Color and Depth to your Projects

We are proud to share our clients' opinions:

Let Bolt do the heavy lifting for you


Tell Bolt a little bit about your target audience and research objective.


Bolt automatically conducts 10 consumer chats with real people.


Bolt creates a ready to share summary report of key learnings and insights.

Get Started Free

Simple and Budget Friendly

No long term contracts or subscriptions, pay based on what you use.
Pick a plan that meets your needs.


10 Projects =
100 consumer chats

Perfect for smaller teams for maximum flexibility.
Cancel any time.

$ 995
/ project
Total cost: $ 9,950


1 Project =
10 consumer chats

Pay as you go.

$ 1,450
/ project
Total cost: $ 1,450


We've spent the last 20 years in insights and marketing roles at the worlds largest consumer brands.

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We bet you're thinking...

Why should I use Bolt Chat AI?

Bolt Chat AI is a cost-effective and efficient way to add exploratory human insights and feedback that can help see the bigger picture, bring numbers and charts to life, and accelerate decision-making.

Where can I use Bolt Chat AI?

Bolt Chat AI can be used in a variety of research contexts. It can be helpful for building perspective when you are starting new projects. It can be used to add human context to quantitative studies and help audience to visualize the context. It can be a good way to answer burning questions that come up from quant studies, with human answers. It can help with building the storytelling around big projects.

Can I use Bolt Chat AI for B2B research?

At the moment, Bolt Chat is designed for consumer audiences.

How much does Bolt Chat AI cost?

Bolt Chat AI costs $750 per project. This includes AI moderated conversations with 10 consumers, a 1-pager executive summary slide, and full transcripts/pictures sent to your inbox in less than 24 hours.

How does Bolt Chat AI compare to traditional research methods?

Bolt Chat AI provides a more efficient, low involvement, and cost-effective approach to complement your existing research. It is a new and revolutionary way to assist you. It takes less than 5 mins to enter your audience and objective...and you leave the rest to BOLT.

What kind of insights can I expect to gain from using Bolt Chat AI?

By using Bolt Chat AI, you can gain a deeper understanding of your target audience's perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors. You can spot commonalities and differences within audience groups, capture interesting verbatims to support your point, and even get some consumer shared photos about your product and category.

In what form do I receive the output?

After submitting your question, you will receive a 1-pager executive summary slide in your inbox after 24 hours. The slide also includes a link to download chat transcripts and additional media (photos, recordings) if shared by consumers.

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